Welcome to Hope Reins Horse Rescue, Inc.

Hope Reins Horse Rescue is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit rescue located in Toombs County, GA. Our primary mission is to rescue abandoned, neglected, and/or abused horses in order to rehabilitate and to rehome the adoptable horses to loving, caring homes. Our extended mission is to provide unadoptable horses a safe sanctuary in which to live out their remaining days.

You don’t throw a whole life away just ’cause it’s banged up a little. ~Seabiscuit


Every day horses (young and old) are abused, neglected, starved to death, and sent to the slaughterhouse for meat. Hope Reins Horse Rescue is determined to help the horses that need it the most: the sick, injured, malnourished, and elderly. Please explore our site and learn how YOU can make a difference!


We have Hope Reins Shirts for sale! 100% of proceeds go to Hope Reins. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, please email us at hopereinshorserescue@outlook.com or give us a call/text!

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Hope Reins Horse Rescue is based in Toombs County, Georgia. If you know of a horse that needs rescue or if you need to rehome your horse, please contact us. We will assist as much as we can. We may not have room at our facility, but we network with other organizations and will try to help find a safe, loving home or sanctuary for the horse. Our goal is to save horses and to rehabilitate them, so we do NOT judge the owner nor do we release who reported the horse to us. We have no contact with the court system. We are a nonprofit rescue. We are here to help the horses and, if we do that by rescuing the horse or by helping and educating the owners about equine care, then we have met our goal.


Please send us an e-mail at hopereinshorserescue@outlook.com or message us on Facebook if you would like to schedule an appointment. Our facility is located on private property so an appointment is necessary in order to visit us and the rescue horses. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to meeting you!