Our Mission Statement

Hope Reins Horse Rescue, Inc.’s primary mission is to rescue abandoned, neglected, and/or abused horses in order to rehabilitate them, and rehome the adoptable horses to loving, caring homes. Our extended mission is to provide unadoptable horses a safe sanctuary to live out their remaining days.

The Beginning

Thank you for showing interest in Hope Reins Horse Rescue! We have been lifelong equine enthusiasts. In 2012, we were able to purchase 7.5 acres of land so we were able to actually have our own horses on our land instead of boarding like we had been doing for years. Once we set up the property for horses and got settled into our new homesite, we immediately started getting calls. With the lack of animal control that deals with equine/livestock in our area, there were very few who would or were equipped take in an unwanted horse. People knew of our love for horses so we were getting referrals for neglected and/or abandoned horses on a weekly basis. Ever since then, we have been taking in horses and rehabilitating, and most expenses paid out of our pocket. We took in so many that we had to move our personal horses to a boarding facility just to have room for the rescue horses. In 2015 we decided to search for more acreage, and we found 30 acres of pasture that we were able to purchase in April 2016. We personally rescued over 30 horses within those years, but two of them, Blue and Enyo, really inspired me to pursue my passion and open up an equine rescue in our small town. And this is where Hope Reins Horse Rescue began! We will strive to help equine where we can and would love to make a positive impact on our community.

Board Members

Ashley Jay – Chair

Shawnda Smith – Vice-Chair

Currie Ward – Secretary/Treasurer

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EIN 81-1961020