Rescue Stories

Here are just some of the horses that founder of Hope Reins Horse Rescue, Ashley Jay, has taken in from 2013-2015. All have been adopted to their forever homes. Thank you everyone who supported Ashley Jay’s passion to pursue her dreams of starting Hope Reins! We look forward to the positive impact we can provide to our community and the opportunity to be able to save more equine lives!


Tex was signed over on December 15, 2015. He is a sweet, mid-teens Saddlebred gelding that loves people and attention. He was cleared sound and healthy; all he needed was some good groceries! Tex gained his weight and was adopted by a little girl and her family late February 2016. Happy trails Tex!





Enyo was taken on July 12, 2015. She came from an auction and had a very uncertain future. She was extremely malnourished and way too young to be away from her mother. She had no muscle mass or fat. She could hardly stand up by herself. Our vet said her future was uncertain due to the severity of her condition. She had a 50/50 chance that she would pull through. She was given the name “Enyo” which was the goddess of war in Greek Mythology because we felt certain that she would fight her hardest to survive. And that she did! Enyo went through a long journey of becoming a healthy, happy filly. All of her bloodwork came back clear and she was ready to find her forever home. Enyo was adopted out January 15, 2016. I look forward to seeing your bright future Enyo!




Lady was signed over July 20, 2015. The previous owner raised lady from birth, but due to an extended illness, the owner was no longer able to care for Lady. Lady was underweight and needed farrier and vet care. Once Lady was cleared to be adoptable, she was adopted to a ranch who uses her for farm work. Lady is loving her new job and family.




Jenny was signed over June 24, 2014 by the owner who could not take care of her any longer. Jenny came to us extremely malnourished and weak. Her hooves were deformed and overgrown, and she needed immediate veterinary attention. After many months of good groceries, farrier work, and TLC, Jenny made a full recovery. She has a forever home where she is a pasture pet and gets the attention and love she deserves.





Travis was signed over to us March 4, 2014. He was a young, two year old stud who was underweight and wormy. We put some weight on Travis and then got the vet to geld him. He made a fully recovery and gained the rest of his weight back. Travis was a naughty little fellow who liked to get into everything! He has such a big personality. Travis received 30 days groundwork training and then was adopted out. Be a good boy Travis! Hope to see you on the trails soon!




Naomi was signed over on January 09, 2013 by an owner that bought her from an auction. The new owner did not realize Naomi’s disposition at the time of purchase so she was signed over to us. Naomi was very hard to handle and did not trust people. We assume this is because she was previously a PMU mare. Naomi was underweight and had hoof issues that were hard to treat due to her untrusting nature. She would kick, bolt, and do anything to get away from people. She was petrified. We worked daily with Naomi for many months just brushing, touching, and handling her to build her confidence in people. Many months later, Naomi was trained under saddle. Naomi’s transformation inspired CEO of Hope Reins, Ashley Jay, to pursue rescuing the horses that need the most TLC. Naomi still resides as a lifelong resident at Hope Reins Horse Rescue where she will never know fear, hunger, or an unkind hand again.




Valentino is a Paso Fino gelding bought by a friend. Valentino was boarded with CEO of Hope Reins, Ashley Jay, in order to get him back to health. He was underweight and had very neglected teeth. Valentino stayed with us six months to regain his weight and strength. Valentino now resides with his owner and is a very happy Paso!